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Digital image files from slides and negatives. A very accurate digital image is possible.   


[Heading photos above are not mine nor are they images from slides or negatives which I have processed.] 

Below is a full frame Kodachrome 25 transparency of the 24 step gray scale standard.


(599 x 431) pixels, 58.5 kB at 60% resizing in MS Office Picture Manager


This is a hyperlinked image - left or right click (new window) to view at full resolution. 



 Description of service offered:                                                                   


My goal is to produce the highest quality digital images from slides (transparencies) and

negatives using a digital single lens reflex camera (DSLR).  This is a photographic method

identical to slide copying with a 35mm film camera, a bellows focusing unit,

and slide copier attachment.


My intent is to create a digital image file from a slide which would look, as nearly as possible,
the same as that slide projected onto a projection screen which is the same size as your display


This service is the same as offered by a custom photofinishing printing shop where one works

at an enlarger employing cropping, dodging, and burning-in, color correction, and masking of

slides as necessary to maintain proper contrast. Such hands-on work will be more expensive

than bulk processing services which are available on the web.


I will create the final jpeg or tiff files and I also offer you the actual RAW image files from which

you can produce jpeg or tiff files of varying sizes and qualities at your discretion with

downloadable freeware. See FAQ for more details.


Method and equipment used:


The method is the same I used in the past when duplicating slides or creating slides from negatives

using my Nikon F2 with a bellows focusing attachment, a Nikkor 55mm f3.5 marco flat-field copy lens,

and the Nikkor slide-copying attachment.


Any cropping needed will be done in-camera at the time of exposure using the flexibility of the

Sigma macro close-up lens.  The idea of cropping in the camera is to provide the highest resolution

image file of the region of interest so a minimum of pixels are wasted. For cropping of your originals

please include a sketch defining the area of interest.


In this case a Sigma SD10 DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera is coupled to a Sigma
50mm f2.8 EX DG
macro lens with the Minolta Auto bellows III slide copier attachment. 

It works very well as the sample images show.