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Note the Sigma Photo Pro RAW data file below: IMG01753-6.37MB.X3F.

This is a full frame copy of a Kodachrome 25 transparency.

Open or download this file to work with yourself in Sigma Photo Pro 2.1.


When you view it first off in Sigma Photo Pro 2.1 as an X3F (not auto-correct) you

will see it has a slight cyan cast. Set to Auto, hit magnifier button, and activate

"Adjustment Controls". Then press eyedropper button and come out to the 0.80 gray patch.

Read the RGBvalues displayed as you move the eyedropper.


Now left click and notice the adjustment to almost pure gray with the Red, Green, andBlue

values displayed (need to hit the magnifier button for values to be displayed).


Now note the file: IMG01753-6.37MB-same size-corr.jpg. This is the 374kB “same size”

jpeg file created from the RAW data IMG01753-6.37MB.X3F file. This jpeg has received

one additional step in Silver Pilotwhere I defined the 0.80 gray patch as pure gray with

identical Red, Green, andBlue values and then executed this transform on the whole file.

This is as good as it can get.  


This is a 2268 x 1512 pixel jpeg which is big enough for most applications.

A double size jpeg is equivalent to viewing the same size jpeg (2268 x 1512 pixel)

image at 200% in MS Office Picture Manager.



 Note: To view images in full resolution please proceed as follows:  


1. Left click or Right click on hyperlinked web-sized negative image below.

2. Open the image in a new window, if desired, so the present window is saved.

3. Put your cursor on the displayed image to get the expand/contract button to appear.
    If the button does not appear move your cursor off the image and back on and leave it
    for button to appear in the lower right corner. 
    If the cursor is off the window the expand/contract button will not appear.

4. Press the expand/contract button to see image in full size - use scroll bars 
   to scan around image. Press the button again to see full image at reduced (fit window) size.



Any comments or questions please e-mail me at:     


I will be glad to hear from you! Later, Phil