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July 2013


Available are over 100 green champagne bottles and six green champagne magnums (all with crown cap closures) which need a new home. All are clean and without labels.

I also have the plastic stoppers and wire stopper holders. They have been used for decades for bottling beer. They are meant for your sparkling wine.


Also available are many commercial long neck brown beer bottle in 12 fl.oz. and 16 fl.oz. sizes.


My collection of bottles will either find a new home or be recycled when I relocate. 

It would be a shame to recycle them at our recycling center when I know someone can use them. 

The price per bottle will be $2 for the 750ml champagne and $4 for the magnums. 

These are available for pick-up at my home in Millwood, NY in up-county Westchester just off the Taconic Parkway. 


Please contact me at (914)-762-5908 (leave message) or at  

Thank you, Phil Saunders