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About me: 


I am a retired IBM engineer with a long-standing interest in photography. I have done much custom color

and B&W printing from color transparencies and color and B&W negatives. I have assembled a large printed

and mounted portfolio. I am interested in converting my favorite transparencies and negatives to

high quality digital files and have purchased the equipment to accomplish this.

If I am doing this for myself perhaps I can extend this service to others.


This service is simply an extended hobby, i.e., I am extending my hobby and skills to others who would like

to have top quality digital image files from 35mm slides and color or B&W negatives for archival purposes or

simply to share with others. 


I offer this service to be involved and for those who would appreciate a custom service with individual attention

to their needs. Since this is a custom service my fees will be higher than other web-based bulk image scanning services. 

For some this extra cost will be well worth it. If not satisfied with the image provided I will work to make it right.

I will accept payments for my service only from satisfied and pleased customers.